Parents on a Date Were Asleep in Car When Cops Arrived and Killed Them Both

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However, that notion has yet to be proven and is particularly unlikely due to the fact that not a single officer received so much as a scratch, nor did the couple have any reason to be violent.
Both of the victims were parents; Kisha Michael, 31, a single mother of three sons, and Marquintan Sandlin, 32, a single father of four daughters.

Michael’s twin sister Trisha stated the obvious when she said that it’s possible that Kisha merely passed out on the way home from their night out.Families for both described them as devoted parents who made arrangements for care of their children while they took a night off, according to NBC Los Angeles.
“The police ain’t telling us nothing,” said Trisha Michael after being met with tight lips from the department.
“He was a loving father,” said Sandlin’s sister Leandra Faulkner. “All he cared about was his girls, getting them right.”

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